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Doan’s Backache Pills

Doans Backache Pills are formulated specifically for the relief of back pain. Doan’s has a unique ingredient known as Buchu which is a South African herb. Doan’s Backache Pills provide relief for aching back, muscular stiffness and pains in the joints

Available in: 18’s, 48’s and 100’s.

s0 Doan’s® Backache Pills. A 2.7 . Each pill contains: 97,19 mg Paracetamol; 48.49mg Sodium Salicylate; 32.40mg Buchu Powder Extract & 0.65mg Aloin. Registration number B957 (Act 101 of 1965). Marketed under licence from Mentholatum South Africa (Pty) Ltd. Unit G1,Westlake Square, 1 Westlake drive, Tokai, 7945.